Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tampa Fabric Shield Hurricane Panels

Fabric Hurricane Panels are designed to cover windows, doors, and other home openings to protect against the destructive forces of hurricanes and strong Florida storms.

Natural translucent white color enables homeowners to have more light in the house during the day, allowing diffused light to enter. 

  • Quick and easy to deploy and remove
  • Lightweight and easy to handle. In fact, they are three to eight times lighter than most metal hurricane panels.
  • Allow for compact storage because they can be rolled up, laid flat or hung up, and they do not have sharp edges that can cause injury.

Watch the Wayne-Dalton Fabric-Shield™ Storm Panel Video Above and learn about these PVC coated woven fabric panels are tested to block wind, rain and storm-driven projectiles.

Florida Building Code Approved FBC #FL3227-R-9

Call 813-814-2236 or Click Here to Learn More about Fabric Shield Hurricane Panels

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